Business valuation services

When it comes to business valuations, nothing should be left to chance. Mitchell Asset Management provides expert valuation services to ensure your business is valued as accurately and professionally as possible.

Business value isn’t based solely on sales numbers or profitability. Things such as staff, industry reputation, location, customer and supplier relationships, internal systems, and market trends all contribute to the intangible value of a company – value that’s often overlooked by less experienced valuers or valuation calculators.

At Mitchell Asset Management, our registered business valuers follow a proven process to ensure they arrive at an accurate valuation for your business. Once delivered, your formal valuation report can be used for:

  • Purchasers and vendors in the sale of a business
  • Banks and financial institutions to arrange finance acquisitions
  • Disputes in the dissolution of partnerships or marriages
  • Calculating stamp duty and capital gains liabilities
  • Compulsory acquisitions by Government authorities
  • Expert witnesses in legal disputes

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