Significant Investor Visa (SIV 888)

As one of Australia’s leading financial advisory and fund management firms, Mitchell Asset Management provides expert investment advice to help clients meet the requirements of the Australian Significant Investor Visa (SIV 888).

What is the Significant Investor Visa (SIV 888)?

As part of the Australian Government’s Business Innovation and Investment Program, the SIV 888 was introduced in 2012 to encourage foreign investment into Australia.

Issued for a period of four (4) years, the SIV 888 provides an avenue for high net worth individuals and their families to apply for permanent residency by investing at least AU$5 million into a complying investment such as Government Bonds, Australian Proprietary Companies or a Managed Fund that invests in Australian Assets.

Once accepted, the Visa gives the investor, their immediate family and dependent relatives full work, travel and study rights in Australia.

Why choose Mitchell Asset Management to assist with your SIV 888?

Mitchell Asset Management’s advisory services help you find a high quality investment that complies with SIV 888 requirements – an investment that minimises your risk exposure and provides strong year-on-year returns.

As part of the process, we establish a managed fund with an independent public trustee company as custodian of your investments. We can also assist you with the following:

  • Registering a compliant constitution
  • Opening bank accounts
  • The issuing of share certificates of ownership
  • Opening a registered office and place of business
  • Appointing a Fund Manager
  • Managing the share register
  • Applying for tax file numbers and registering for Government approvals
  • Lodging tax returns

Eligibility requirements for the SIV 888

SIV 888 Flyer

Form 1413

SIV Subclass 188 application process

Next Steps

To learn more about the SIV 888 and how Mitchell Asset Management can help with your investment strategy, please contact us today.

SIV Residential Property Fund

MAM Residential Fund Broucher

Mitchell Asset Management have set up a SIV Residential Property Fund. This is a complying investment for Significant Investor Visa applicants. The Residential Property Fund allows investors to select new and off the plan properties and beneficially hold ownership of this property.

To learn more about the SIV Residential Property Fund, please contact us today.

Asia Pacific Law Forum

MAM Residential Fund Broucher

Mitchell Asset Management was recently a sponsor of the Asia Pacific Law Forum conference. The conference brought together 50 Chinese lawyers across 20 firms as well as a group of 25 Chinese investors.