Simple and effective aged care advice

Enjoy the feeling of financial security for you or your family member with Mitchell Financial Planning’s professional aged care advisory services.

Placing a loved one into aged care can be costly, complicated and time-consuming.
It can also be an emotional time for everyone involved.

As a result, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the process and the choices available – especially when it comes to money.

Mitchell Financial Planning can help. Our experienced advisors provide tailored financial advice to individuals looking to enter aged care accommodation and their families.

We can assist you with the financial aspects of transitioning to aged care, including: 

  • Developing an appropriate financial plan
  • Assessing the different accommodation options and their fees
  • Minimising fees and charges
  • Budgeting for daily/weekly/monthly care expenses
  • Ensuring pension entitlements last as long as possible
  • Deciding whether to sell or lease the family home
  • Protecting existing assets

For expert advice on the financial aspects of moving into aged care, contact us today.